June 3, 2011

Sometimes things just don’t mix up

Today’s hottest issue on news TV is about DIVORCE. The question lies whether “to legalized divorce in the country or keep the matrimony sacred”— a clear clash of ideal and real.

 It is by standard to keep marriage sacred no matter how difficult a problem is to handle. The couple should manage because it is part of their promises. However, reality said that the relationships of today are way different than the kind of relationships established by our “ancestors” or maybe by some of our parents who endure the dilemma of marriage.  I am sure that there are factors that surround them that favour a long and a lasting marriage. Long before women were contented staying at home, men was excited when they day ends because someone’s waiting and…they both socialize together—there was a little chance of building a tension to ruin a relationship.

Should we really have to insist to live the same kind of life in a different kind of environment?

Nowadays, temptation is just around. There are a lot of factors beyond everybody’s control as much as they wanted to make marriage a happy ending—that includes individual priorities, level of contentment, the likelihood of falling out of love and falling in love to someone else because random crap happens. Social lives of each say the modern world contributes.

And we have to consider the fact that a cycle of violence inside a relationship is inevitable once started, once tension is build by the modern world:

“Happy relationship—tension builds—abuses takes place—apologies and excuses—Happy relationship”.

And sadly, it doesn’t stop with a “happy relationship” it rather goes all over and over. I think no one likes to stay and exhaust oneself with this kind. The mere fact that it is a cycle then the relationship won’t go any further. It’s not that they don’t try or they’re not responsible with their obligations, sometimes things just don’t mix up.

The willingness then to stay was replaced by practicality. By practical I mean, why should you doomed and hurt yourself if you can be free from pain and find happiness with someone else? To live with someone is quite a challenge. Imagine how hard it is for two different people trying to fill the empty spaces to complete the existence of one another. A sort of a lock and key is essential to gain a stable bond. If it’s not meant for each other, it will never work unless one of them is willing to modify and choose to become flexible so the other will fit in, which is not always the case.

So who are we to let an individual suffer by not allowing them to be free because of “standard”?

No one refuses to go along with a happy ending, every one is dreaming of a happy end so I think when someone want a divorce it is not their intension to be just separated. They want freedom because it is everybody’s instinct to survive. It’s because every one is learning the art of changing their lives especially if it is not worthy to live.

With this, I can never tell that having a divorce is a wrong act.

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