April 23, 2011

Puto and Dinuguan

Who would not recognize this Filipino food?   

Puto and Dinuguan. In English translation: Rice cake and blood stew. As always heard, this two are too perfect for the taste of most Pinoys.

At 10:00 am today my sister went inside my bedroom like any other day that she does since the day I was discharged from the hospital. I am not acting like a princess. Perhaps it sounds exactly like one but I am actually still confined to bedrest. 

She brought me a plate with 10 pieces of “Puto” and a bowl of “dinuguan”.

My first bite was quite confusing. Maybe I heard people wrong; there was nothing special about the taste. It is rather absurd. The two won’t blend, not perfect enough for me; I can still taste them as two different foods inside my mouth. I should have eaten them separately instead.

My second bite? I tried eating a spoon of dinuguan first before I made a bite of puto. I was discontented. I wanted to savour what people are talking about. They seem to be very satisfied after each single bite they had.I wanted the experience.

Still, I tried making one bite after another. Adding more meat on top of puto also failed me.  And before I knew it, there was no more puto left anymore! That happened in less than half an hour, so you can imagine how eager I was to be delighted.

I don’t why it upsets me that much. I messaged my friends on how does puto and dinugan became a perfect combination? And how should it be eaten? Is there a proper way? Dinuguan first? Puto first? How?  A lot of them said it taste really good in any way. Some said they haven’t tried yet (quite a relief that I am not behind). I have one friend who replied me with “try Dinuguan with a bottle beer, it is much better!. That was cool.

I love eating puto. It is actually one of my favourites but not to be eaten with dinuguan. On the other hand, I rather eat dinuguan with rice. Maybe even cups and cups of rice!

I guess I needed more for tasting until I can be able to trick my own tastebuds that it is a mouth-watering as they said so.


People always try something even it’s quite obvious… that they’ll never be pleased by the same thing that pleases other people.

Argh! Where does that come from? I was just trying to be pleased with Puto and Dinugan out here!

1 comment:

  1. I always wondered about the puto and dinuguan combination too. I'm glad to know that there are many that feel the same as I do. Now I don't feel so bad heehee


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