March 17, 2008

the Rubix Cube

And what do you called this thing?  Puzzle? (Dude...I don’t knowJ) but this is not an ordinary thing for me... because this represents my life... (wahhhhaaaay pang Miss Universe! hhaha)
it was fixed and everything is in place... it reminds me of my childhood days...colorful...  I got my family, I got my friends... I got everything... contentment, laughter, peace of mind... what else could I ask for... I got all the care in the world...

I was young I guess. I was pampered... I was supported... I was happy... and I took things for granted for me Life is not a life if I'll remain standing forever... as if nothing will happen?!?.  I must make things happen...

I decided to make a new world. it was nice... rearranging everything is a perfect adventure... I laugh... as if it was funny seeing things that changed and transformed into a new one.
The Transformation was good... for a change. But I never thought of it, Changing my world also changes people around me. little by little the color fades away...  In some point, I woke up with no friends around... they gave up on me... hard-headed as I always was

... I don't care, who cares?!?... I can stand alone...I am tough...I can clean my mess alone...if they don't know me, the more that I don't know them too...not until I lost the support of my sister... that's it... the  most alarming moment of my life... I was told I am not her sister... she don't know me anymore

(Whaaattt?!?)... this is what I got in rearranging my world

  so why did I rearranged them again?!? EWAN KO BA! loka loka!

Broken life. Broken Identity... I was nowhere in this world. Gone with the days of laughter and Peace... Welcome to reality! wherein every single point is a challenge. I Guess it will take millions of effort to bring things back in proper place... life must go on... cleaning mess and to patch up things together again...  Life

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March 12, 2008

Dalom ba

Wednesday, March 12, 2008, 4:19pm. Gina pa ko di ya gapanumdom if ano man gid butang ko sa blog nga, ang date kag time nga na, wala lang a, para lang ko may masulat... basta bal-an ko may gusto ko ihambal, wala lang ko kabalo kung ano... budlay man ni man, gapanumdomdom pa ko daan if magamit ko akeanon or Hiligaynon di.

Hmmp, bag-o na naman trip ko subong, pero mayo pa man bala ulo ko kag...wala man ko problema subong... kung may ara man, amu na na ang mga wala pulos lng nga butang da, problema sang iban nga tawo... dalom a, daw intindihanay kuno abi kami...problema ni Marimar kag ni Joaquin Bordado  or kis-a gaugtas kay Kamandag...kis-a kung indi pa ko gani makuntento, mahimo ko daun bag-o nga problema para may ara lng mahambal kag para may ara mabasul kung may lain nga matabu... kagamu sa akon ha... san-o pa ko matarung man...

daw wala na ko pag asa haw.. ay...
 basta kung di lang ni tungod sa ginlantaw ko kag ginpulawan  nga Bb. Pilipinas 2008 coronation night sa GMA, wala ko ni napinsaran. Pagkatapos pa lang sang show gakatintar na ko actually magblog, galing ahay a, nakonsyus na ko sa inugsulat ko (hahha ginago e no) ahay na lng a... daw wala man ko right nga manuya, basta nasadyahan lang ko to ya... sala ko na bala nga  nagkadlaw ko... whehehehe pati, sugiri lng ko kung wala ka nagkadlaw kay pahimuan ta ka munyumento.
Maan tana kadya... dalom gid ya, daw ndi man ni gani shifting week...piho e no? daw wala lang ko exams.(Bugalon a.. ginago!) Daw wala lng ko nakonsenxa gapulaw ko ugtas sa TV, kag ginatulogan ko ang exam e no, ka-bad a.
Damo lang ko ginapinsar basta amu na ni..ginaatake na naman ko guro sang katamarindes. Dala na da ang makaon ko danay antis magsugod, or macheck ko emails, tapos mapicture picture sang kaugalingon, daw into gani, bala-an ko man into-anay na ni, pero cge man ko dyapon... daw galain pinsar ko haw... ginago giud ya. Kung mabal-an lang ni ni Paks, baw nd naya ko guro pagsuportahan di... basi malupad na ko sa Aklan sang alang-alang...
puro lng ko “karon lang” sang karon lang a... kung ara na gani ang ti-un “OMG” lang mahambal ko, gakakibot pa ko nga wala ko katapos tu-on, ginago gid ya. Cge lng a, buwas kay exam namon sa Histology, karon matu-on na guid ko ya... hahah ara naman ako. Hambal ko man gani.
Basta mu na to a, kadalom man ni s’kon man, basta lng ko di mablog wala man ni pulos... ti indi ko man na carry daan magblog about sa Pulitika para mapuslan man ko sang Pilipinas... or masulat ko bi tungod sa bago ko nadiskubre sa classroom para daw henyo man ko kuno, daw damo man nabal-an maski sa tood lang wala ko man naintindihan ang gusto hambalon sang libro to? Sakto man na bala?
Basta intindihanay na ta a, mu na gid ni ya... kag subong, kadugay  n naman si bro, gakatak-an na naman ako, wala gid ko ya pasenxa ya... wala na ayhan sila kabalo nga kung law-ay ang koneksyon gakadiskonekted man ko daun? Nu na ya man

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March 7, 2008

two-timers back off

“Boys will always be boys” ...well... as good as telling me that boys will never be a MAN. Damn, I even hardly define a man--as hard as defining a woman's worth

This is such a complicated thought but can’t help myself but to make a short blog.

And how can I be this sarcastic knowing everybody is enjoying and making fun out of it—as if it is already an accepted joke— and from time to time I caught myself laughing with the rest of the group.

The fact that I know exactly how it feels like to be soooooo stupid—I felt guilty laughing with! It is a situation wherein everybody around knows what is happening and smells a stinging fact except you—thus everyone in the circle thinks you are such a brainless out-of-this-world-creature because your senses are so poor to find out that there is a smoke not until there is a fire and it was too late that you already found yourself burning!

thats it, a woman's worth seems they're such a good laughing stock...making everybody happy

A Boy makes fun of girls—an accepted fact, a very common one, undeniably true. They tend to mislead, deceive, and tell a dozens of lie (just name it, they’re doing it)... and for them this is funny; this is great, something to be proud of. They talk and laugh out loud—everyone is enjoying the story “I am just a loving man thus I love them both”—such a super duper duh “little-boy-line”

so miserable! It’s like when you play, it is boring to own only one toy soldier and it should be pair or in battalion!

What are they trying to prove anyway: “Guys, guess I am tricking my girl! I’m proud of it, be proud of me and you can laugh at her anytime, at any rate you like” what a public statement! What a little boy!

In this case I found a victim but can I consider this a crime when everybody is accepting it like it is a part of standard? This is how people enjoy their lives... this is how some people move on... I just can’t live with this standard—and I am not supporting anyone, any friend living with this standard... I am just so sorry for not being supportive and for being such a huge fan of KJ movement! period!

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