May 28, 2008


Slicing and dicing, she cuts deeper and deeper,
seeing just one drop of blood will make her happy.
Crying and shaking, she raises the knife,
wishing for the courage to take her own life.
Pushing harder on the blade, trying to die,
she often just sits and wonders why;
Why are people so selfish and hating,
nobody knows the pain she suffers through.
She just wants love, why don't they understand this?,
nobody says I love you or asks her how she is doing.
Wanting love more than anything in the world,
wanting to feel pretty once in awhile.
Crying and trying to die once again,
all she really needs is one caring friend.
Depressed all the time for reasons unknown to herself,
wishing all the pain would just go disappear.
Trying to be happy and funny is hard for her,
even when doing things she once did enjoy.
No courage to actually kill herself,
just cutting makes her feel better.
Wishing she could die, not knowing why,
just wanting love and companionship.
Crying and shaking, she raises the knife,
wishing for the courage to take her own life...

this is just a repost, author unknown to me

May 4, 2008

If I knew

A poem or a song? I'm not even sure  but whatever it is, thanks dipher for rendering this to me. mwah! loves

If I knew it would be the last
That I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in a more
And pray to the Lord, your
soul to keep

If I knew it would be the last
That I'd see you walk out the
I would give you a hug and
And call you back for one

If I knew it would be the last
I'd hear your voice lifted in
I would videotape each action
and word,
so I could play them back
day after day.

If I knew it would be the last
I could spare an extra minute
or two
to stop and say "I Love You"
instead of assuming you
would know I do.

If I knew it would be the last
I would be there to share
your day.
Well, I'm sure you'll have so
many more,
So I can let just this one slip

For sure there's always
to make up for an oversight,
And we always get a second
To make everything right
There will always be
another day
to say our "I love you's"
And certainly there's another
To say our "Anything I can do's"

But just in case I might be wrong,
and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much
I love you
and I hope we never forget.

Tomorrow is not a promised to
Young or old alike
And today may be the last
You get your loved
one tight.

So if you're waiting for
Why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes,
you'll surely regret the day.

That you didn't take that
extra time
For a smile, a hug, or a kiss
And you were too busy to
grant someone,
What turned out to be teir
one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close
And whisper in their ear;
tell them how much you love
and that you'll always hold
them dear.

Take time to say "I'm sorry"
"Please forgive m," "Thank you"
or "It's okay"
And if tomorrow never
You'll have no regrets about today.
-Tricia youngson

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