July 23, 2007

Great realization

This is my first time to wake up on the 22nd day of the month and feels nothing… I feel no hatred and I feel no joy today. For the past two years and eight months of my life I either wake up so happy or so sad. And I guess this is the start—I am over him.
            Today, allow me to share to you my greatest realization:
He is so good—and you read it right! I really feel no hatred for him because he is so good…there is no other word describes him. When he came into my life, he made a lot of changes in it—all were for own good and it made my life somehow perfect… when he came out he still made a very good change—He is so good that in every decision he made, it always favors me… isn’t it sweet?!? It was a very wonderful chapter; it started and ended up marvelously. I can’t write here the whole story for it might be a boring and clich├ęd one. All I can tell you is that he had done everything for me. He made me happy; he made me feel how it was to live like a princess. It feels great… so perfect.
I am so thankful for having him once. He brings out the best of me. He made me strong, be close to the almighty, and most of all, he taught me how to be humble and stay away from troubles. I owe him everything that is good in me right now—I learned how to live with a positive outlook when I was with him. I learned not to give up easily; he had guided me to the right path… that was his mission! A very challenging mission and I salute him for a job well done. He changed me and made me better.
And I discovered more realization when he left me… I now want to thank him for leaving me; he is not unfair at all—too bad that there is no way for me to tell him this. He is such a perfect lover—he never dares to harm me… only that I reacted in a wrong way…so soon… and I thought that he fooled me. He never fooled me anyway (let me clear that to you guys), because what he did was for my own good… its true that he cheated on me but I now realized that it was a perfect blessing on my part… how can I ever thank his goodness…
My memories with him will be cherished—those were the moments and experiences that made me a good person… not so good but I’ve been miles away from the one before I met him.
            And the dreams I gave up? I am starting to build it up again … I am dreaming my old dreams… and I am starting to make things happen.

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