June 13, 2011

Too Much

The colors we choose make statements about our personality. Colors represent what we feel. We wear bright colors when we are happy, we wear dark when we express grief, traditional wedding gowns are white because it signifies purity. It is as if by wearing colors we blend in and by blending in we feel we found a place for ourselves.

warmth,love,anger,danger,boldness,excitement,speed,strength,energy,determination, desire,courage
cheerfulness,affordability,enthusiasm,stimulation creativity,aggression
attention-grabbing,comfort,liveliness,cowardliness,hunger,optimism,overwhelm, intellect
durability,reliability,environmental,luxurious,optimism,well-being,nature,calm, relaxation,safety,honesty,optimism,harmony,freshness
peace,professionalism,loyalty,reliability,honor,melancholia,boredom,coldness,depth, stability,professionalism, honor,trust
power,royalty,nobility,elegance,sophistication,artificial,luxury, mystery royalty, elegance,magic
conservatism, traditionalism, intelligence, serious, dull, uninteresting
Cleanliness, purity, newness, virginity, peace, innocence, simplicity, sterility

Colors are also said to influence our emotions, affect our mood, our actions and how we respond to various people. I should have leave my room made of palochina woods to influence my everyday life with its natural scent and fresh color. Stay simple. But it seems that apart from the individual colors we appreciate comes a notion that a monochromatic world makes no difference  to a boring world. 


I wanted a life and I wanted something that I could present to the world. I agreed to paint the room with different colors. Everything I actually did was an attempt to be happy...to be happier.
Remembering the day I (we) painted my (our) room with colours.
We colored the ceiling with green which signifies peace, the ideal real-world, it is said to offer some sense of renewal and self-control. We lined the room with purple which is calming to minds. We painted the wall with brown which says stability, reliability, and approachability. Part of the wall was painted with pink which is young in the hope it can bring us fun and excitement. 

We painted the room with colors that represent all the things we desire.

We painted the whole room like the way we wanted to add color to our relationship. Just like that, we failed to appreciate what we got because we occupied ourselves in wanting MORE. We kept ourselves busy by searching for greater things until we lost the great ones that we already had. 

It's not lifeless at all. It's the mere fact that we are not satisfied with what we got. As today’s trend in life is discontentment, we are inclined to want MORE…MORE…and MORE.

That Palochina woods were supposed to remind us the beauty of simplicity... until such time... we realized we can make it better (not a bad intention actually).  We went through a lot of cravings--searching--demanding--before we knew it, everything was gone.

I thought painting the room with different colors could change the people inside--us to become better. I thought painting the wall could add colors to our life as well. I was wrong.
 “We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”
The trick is to simplify our life—to appreciate what we got. Let the colors bloom itself, don't dictate the destiny on what kind of color to apply in your life. Don't make life complicated by overlooking simple things.


  1. I totally agree in everything you said on this post, especially the appreciation of simple things life part. That is so true.

    thanks for following me. I followed back.

  2. this post was so colorful :)
    loved it...

    thank u for following my blog
    Looking forward to your new posts !!!

  3. Hi Mayen and Jyoti Mishra! Thankyou for following me back.
    I am also looking forward to know both of you with your posts :)

  4. Oh my. My favorite colors are yellow and purple.. So that means, I'm an elegant, royal, sophisticated and lively lady, but I'm also an attention-grabbing coward. LOL.

    A pretty colorful post. Nice. :)

  5. Hi Leah...
    mine is so extreme, RED--it says love and anger...lets just be inspired more with the good ones ;)

    tnx for the visit...

  6. Less is indeed beauty but we also need some change from time to time... makes life more interesting :)

    Thanks for swinging by my blog!

    Spanish Pinay

  7. hi Spanish Pinay...
    Very true... There is nothing wrong with changing and improving :) as long as you change in a right way.
    my thanks also!

  8. Hi Tim! I always love purple. I feel like it's the color of my soul! (winks!)

    I like what you did with your crib! I remember back in college, my friend and I attempted to pull off an "Art Deco" style for our studio apartment. It was an epic fail! Picture this - bright, almost neon red on one side of the wall, canary yellow on the other side, then a splash of green, blue, purple here and there. It's so painful to look at, we could hardly stand staying there! Gave us headache.. as in literally throbbing headache! For a month, we were mostly out crashing at friends' place to avoid the anarchic vibe of own place. So we decided to repaint it back to its white glory... and so the serenity was restored! hehe But yours is a success story! It's cool and fresh! ;)

  9. P.S. I guess our "past" bold color predicament also reflected the moral story of your blog... hehe

  10. hi karlie! thanks for sharing me your story. Reminded me that I once had this idea of painting a room with red. i never had the courage anyway. i think it would be worst than what you did to your apartment.
    At least, you tried to make your apartment to look good :)


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