June 5, 2011

My almost lover

There seem to be no acceptable defense why an unfaithful individual exists. Exploring new emotional break outside a relationship is very common in this day and age. Losing your partner to your best friend is possible almost everyday. Why? Like most of you, I should have known already but I haven’t. It happens. To reason out is pointless because reasons are beyond our understanding and since it is beyond then it is something we can barely agree to.
“We are both happy living our own lives. Before you came, I just started to embrace the kindness of the world that once I’m deprived with. I started to see the beauty of life. I just gave myself a chance to feel happy by letting him in into my life.”
To love and be love back is the greatest desire of all.
 “The day I saw you is the day I lost sight of him. It’s the day I realized that we're not meant for each other because that day entails a lot of weakness: The love was not enough to stand  me against the pull of new attraction. That kind of attraction happens only where there is no love—maybe there was really none.”
There are a lot of uncertainties in life. No one knows what a sunrise could bring along its beauteous rays. Things can change in a snap without you noticing how and understanding why.
 “Just remember the day we hang out. I’m beside him, you’re beside her. He was holding my hand while you hold her’s. All those time our eyes talked their own language. No words were spoken, no actions were done... just our eyes”
There are things beyond our control. There are passionate longings you can never explain—like missing the person you never been with.... or loving a person you never met.
  “Then we found ourselves together. Feeling your arms around me we’re real—almost perhaps. I became weaker than I was. In one point it is somewhat a self degrading to fell in love that way... perhaps it’s the guilt that overshadow the happiness... or maybe feeling sad why should it be that way. Feels like having the right love on the wrong time... seems like been loving the wrong person and finally found the right one.”
There are times we are aware of an impending tragedy but we choose to let it happen. Forbidden love. Being with and loving someone else. But love happens—it actually happens beyond control.
 “I know what it takes to have you—trouble. A lot of troubles. So I choose not to have you, at the same time, not to be with him anymore. Now that we’re separated by distance, chance, and time...the magic still remain. And someday when these three allowed our paths to cross again I want to give and feel the love we both deserve. Maybe someday it will, who knows?"
Love happens—it actually happens beyond control.

Is it really being unfaithful or just being true to what you feel?
*This post is part of the past and is not the current love story of the author*

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