March 7, 2008

two-timers back off

“Boys will always be boys” ...well... as good as telling me that boys will never be a MAN. Damn, I even hardly define a man--as hard as defining a woman's worth

This is such a complicated thought but can’t help myself but to make a short blog.

And how can I be this sarcastic knowing everybody is enjoying and making fun out of it—as if it is already an accepted joke— and from time to time I caught myself laughing with the rest of the group.

The fact that I know exactly how it feels like to be soooooo stupid—I felt guilty laughing with! It is a situation wherein everybody around knows what is happening and smells a stinging fact except you—thus everyone in the circle thinks you are such a brainless out-of-this-world-creature because your senses are so poor to find out that there is a smoke not until there is a fire and it was too late that you already found yourself burning!

thats it, a woman's worth seems they're such a good laughing stock...making everybody happy

A Boy makes fun of girls—an accepted fact, a very common one, undeniably true. They tend to mislead, deceive, and tell a dozens of lie (just name it, they’re doing it)... and for them this is funny; this is great, something to be proud of. They talk and laugh out loud—everyone is enjoying the story “I am just a loving man thus I love them both”—such a super duper duh “little-boy-line”

so miserable! It’s like when you play, it is boring to own only one toy soldier and it should be pair or in battalion!

What are they trying to prove anyway: “Guys, guess I am tricking my girl! I’m proud of it, be proud of me and you can laugh at her anytime, at any rate you like” what a public statement! What a little boy!

In this case I found a victim but can I consider this a crime when everybody is accepting it like it is a part of standard? This is how people enjoy their lives... this is how some people move on... I just can’t live with this standard—and I am not supporting anyone, any friend living with this standard... I am just so sorry for not being supportive and for being such a huge fan of KJ movement! period!

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