March 29, 2010


Life is easy. Only when the universe conspire to make it a trouble-free. But what if the world will make a sudden twist and will rather turn the other way around?  Nothing is certain and to live happily ever after can never be assured otherwise can never be a reality. Life is not a fairy tale and to be sprinkled with a fairy dust is something ridiculous to wait for. Although at times, to wait in vain becomes a part of hoping.

From time to time I found myself wondering if being miserable is an option that one chooses to have or it is something that is destined to an ill-fated individual, something one can't get rid of.  My thought over the issue, no matter how hard I contemplate will always still end up with a question mark because it is something I barely comprehend. Now instead of making it more complicated I sometime mull over on how will my question be a statement--and it is where the trouble begun, making the adventure of thinking unbearable and turning the sincerity of contemplation bore to death.

Nothing could come between the pleasures brought about by sitting in a shore to watch the horizon while having chit-chat with old good friends. We burst out with laughter although the surrounding seems to be in wrath.  I feel the cold wind blow so hard. The wind somehow annoys me as it tangles my hair and brings them in front to cover my face and pricks my eyes. It started to rain slightly yet we stayed and made more fun out of it.  I am not sure if a storm is coming or it’s because the sun had set in already. The weather will not matter in any way as long as fun is around. This is being opportunistic though, taking chances to hear myself laughing out loud.

In one point or another I can't resist giving in to the beauty of the coconut trees as it sways along with the blow of the wind.  I can hear the roaring waves while hitting the old port from the distance and it sounds like a beautiful music to me.  I wished to be carried by the wind and fly around the trees nearby and dance with them-- it is indeed a heart melting moment, an overwhelming one. I came to realized that the anger shown by the whole environment is not as bad as it portrays.

One good realization to end the day, that no matter how bad life represents itself, its intention is not as it is. There is a beauty behind to be discovered. Beyond the rumbling and roaring sound of a mad life, there is a fine music waiting to air.

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