July 31, 2010

Classification "C": Physically fit to work, but with minor condition that may be treated during employment

I had my pre-employment medical assessment today at Cross Medical Services (laboratory, X-ray, and Drug testing Clinic). I passed the drug test, physical exams were unremarkable, and had normal chest findings. However I was classified under “C”, I am physically fit to work but with minor condition that may be treated during employment. I was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection. My visual acuity appears normal except for my right eye having 20/30 vision. I was prescribed with antibiotic for seven days two times daily to cure the UTI and I had my eye wear to help me with my eye problem. And also, I wanted to note my weight which dropped from 53 kilos down to 47 in four months time . 

Earlier today, I thought of not going to process all these. In fact, the list of requirements was given to me three days ago and it was only today that I was able to convince myself to work on it. All my phones were on silent mode and I don’t accommodate calls in the idea that the agency might check on me. I’m not in the mood, not motivated, and feeling tired despite my “sleep-all-I-can” activity.

Then there’s an attending physician I met whom I mistaken as an assistant (he assisted me voluntarily so that was an honest mistake!) added more feelings of hesitation. A practitioner of three years , he was, tried to inspire me to go back to medical school instead of working. He talked more about his experience and commented a little about mine. He mentioned how he cursed his profession the day before his board exam which he passed, and then he just stayed home for two years without attending to any patients, just a home-sweet-home grandee. Well, that sounds great because there is another licensed doctor that been in my shoes. If only I had the courage to tell my mother that I wanted to study again, I will. But I have to make a stand for my declared wants. They might think I’m not firm on making decisions if I change my plans again. I don’t want to be labeled as a person who never finish what she had started.

I guess the best thing I heard from him and I never realized this until this afternoon actually is to live your life in a day to day basis. If your having a hard time and "tomorrow" is just a burden of today, live your day like there is no tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day to live by so finish what you have for today because you might not have enough time for unfinished tasks of yesterday. And if your already good, enter the room of complication little by little. Accordingly, it is a good way to prevent burning yourself out. True, why do I have to stress myself thinking of the next thing to do when in reality I have so much to work for at the present. 

Notwithstanding my sluggishness and my doubts, my requirements are almost complete. I just have to process my police clearance on Monday to complete the list. I already had in hand seven copies of Birth Certificate, three copies of E1 form from the Social Security System, three copies of medical certificate, two copies of Diploma as well as Transcript of Records, four copies of 2x2 and 1x1 pictures, and two pieces of long folder with fastener. My only hope is that the job is still available for me.

That's it for now, I needed some good laugh. Sis Aicee, brod Lom and I are going to have a cup of coffee again at Starbucks. I'm excited for my caramel macchiato! See yah!

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