July 26, 2010


It is raining again and I can no longer understand the show I'm watching. So I decided to write down my to-do-list instead of maximizing the volume or sit near the television just to hear.  By the way, I have a lifetime to make this happen. No pressures!
  •  Travel alone

Been traveling with friends but what I really planned lately is to travel by myself. My ultimate escapade is to travel like a freeman. I bet this is the time that I could make decision for myself without depending to anyone. The idea that no one else is there around is a good motivation and sooner as I hoped before my travel ends, I will feel and will realize that I am capable of making good decisions. 

  • Drive my own car

To go anywhere I want to, may it be to work or not. I feel that those women driving their own cars are all self dependent.  I admire them for being such. I want to be one of them in the near future.  Their is a little changes in details of my plan though because this time I want a red one. During my 18th birthday, I told my friend I always wanted a blue car! the very next day he painted a blue sports car, framed it and gave it to me. Sweet friend. 

  • Surf the wave at La Union
La Union is one of my target travel destination

A way to learn to go with the flow, I guessed. It is not a good idea to be standing against the odds all the time just to show the world you're different, sometimes we need to blend in, and go where the current goes. A little adjustment will do to survive. Sometimes it will lead us to the right path. 

  • Learn foreign language
French and Spanis
To feel how it was again to be like a grade schooler learning the right grammar and pronunciation. Learning foreign  language is exciting. I guess, it is all good to speak not just of native tongue, a rewarding skill to acquire.
  • Own a library
My library @ yoville.com
Of course I already had one, I created a library at yoville community. But I wanted a library that is not just created but is built--a real one. I am fascinated by homes with their own library filled with books of all kind. I wanted to have one of my own where I can read anytime I want too.

  • Own a beachfront house

 Because life is simply a beach.  I also had one at yoville community worth 34,000 yoville coins :) and I wished beachfront house is also that cheap!!! The mere fact that I love sunset so much inspires me to own one someday :) 

  • Engage in sports

A good way to discipline. Although I never been into sports. I only played because of P.E. class, that's all. But since I am no longer a student, I want to learn sports for my own good. Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Golf are on my top list!

  • Climb a mountain
Simply because I wanted to conquer  the world. I know climbing a mountain will not do the trick but the feeling is there. My experienced is way back my grade school years during our annual camping. I want to experience a real mountain climb. 

  • _____________________
I will intentionally leave this blank. I know I want something but I have no idea what it is!! :) 

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