July 22, 2010

Ain't easy being a BUM

To those who are currently jealous of me because I seem to be a happy-go-happy even not so lucky 24-year-old future MD, THINK! Believe me, after reading this blog entry, you’ll feel sorry that you once wished to be in my shoes.

Right after my job interview and exam! 
Since I am out of school this year, I needed to find a job. I already ran out of resume. I produced several copies and gave them out to employers in Manila  and Quezon City yet still jobless up to now.

I even thought of standing at the mall entrance to distribute copies of my resume to the shoppers—like a promo girl or something?
 That was a joke of course...a product of my desperation. I am already bored with my life the reason why I move from one place to another. 
A lucky tramp I am that a lot of my friends are actually willing to adopt me for no good or bad reason. But for it’s not a good idea because I always believe that to stay together with friends under one-roof for a day or two is fine. On the third day everything will change, come on! Even fishes stink on the 3rd day! Everyone deserves a break; the excitement is there when everyone misses each other, right?

I still receive weekly allowance from my parents so every week I’m suffering for a “conscience-attack syndrome”. (I coined that syndrome from nowhere for the sake of describing what I feel). To tell you the truth, they’re giving up on me too. Everyday my mother will tell me I should find a job instead of sleeping and waiting for them to send me allowance. And sometimes, I am tempted to answer them back that I got no magic to do what they want. This is not my choice and this is beyond my control. Since I have no right, and I have nothing to show them I just shut my mouth and keep it inside me.

There were times I thought of going back to med school this early…I mean this late because the school year had already started three months ago. Arg! Let me explain “this early” for it might confuse you. This early because I think that it is too early to give up on job haunting. Besides, my pride is at stake, the mere fact that I requested for my transfer credentials—it’s a matter of subjecting me to humiliation. I’ll stand for my decision despite my eagerness to pursue my dream.

My life is plain and simple: my survival depends on how much money I got in my pocket. I can even survive without going home for a day or two: take the MRT, transfer to a jeepney, stop at the public comfort rooms, eat at the nearby carinderia or food chains, spend hours at the mall and when evening comes ride a bus so I can sleep. It is fun. And when I get tired I just head myself to Carmona where I really reside (I'm not homeless anyway) and sleep like I’m not aware of developing a bedsore.

Instead of living this in despair I preferred to live it my way… laugh with it, make fun out of it. 
I’m being honest that being a bum is not easy but I love it. I love my friends!
IceCream, Chicken, Siomai
Luch time;)
So how’s your life?

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