June 20, 2007


Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be awaited for, it is something to be achieved.—William Jennings Bryan
People tend to believe that if two people are meant for each other, destiny will find its own way for them to live happily ever after. A sort of fairy tale, like the story of sleeping beauty who sleep for hundreds of years until her prince charming woke her with a single kiss… nice one! Is that because they were destined for each other? I never believe in fairy tales…hmmm silly stories… what I appreciate most is a sad-ending story, Titanic? Peter pan? Those were perfect stories, it amazed me. The story was so real…everything was so real… and I know it was based on reality.
A Sad-ending story always makes me cry. For me, that is a destiny for each and every one of us—we are meant to be sad at the end of the line.
But then, when I met him… I started to live like a princess. I thought I am one. We made a perfect story. And the worst thing—I forgot that fairytales never exist.
‘Let him go, he’ll be back if he is for you”… I cried but I wanted to laugh at it. For I know, letting him go is as good as the moment of his death. Destiny is not a chance but a choice! I let him go… I am crying for his death… no one ask me why I am crying… I am crying because he passed away. I considered him dead… lucky him who is now resting in peace…and damn me who is left mournful… but I am holding his memories. Those happy times we were together will be cherished for the rest of my life. And he will be love by me as long as I live…
For I believe that if you want something you have to put your best foot forward. Destiny is just an excuse to let things happen instead of making things happen… now that I have suffered enough… I am fed up! Really! I did my best to save our relationship… I have nothing to regret. My conscience is as clear as crystal. I did nothing… I will do nothing against it.
I never considered him my enemy…despite of the cheating thing that happened. Isn’t it that sometimes we need to cheat for us to survive? We have to be bad to live? We have to defend ourselves— it is his way of survival… it’s his way to live his life…

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