February 1, 2008

Drivers of Life

Life is unfair... coated with layered of ironic facts…and the fact that no one can go out alive is a good basis to enjoy it. It feels like your living inside an empty but convoluted box—this is an adventure.

            It is not a race; it is not about destination, it is not driven by destiny, tis a journey regardless of those things. It is how you walk and take each step. It is how you deal with the ups, downs, curves, and cross points. It is how you interpret the “traffic lights and street signs” of life—stop when you need to stop, slow down when needed, turn left, turn right, have a U-turn only when allowed. Isn’t it fun? Isn’t it exciting? And isn’t it tiring? This is a challenging journey, utilizing your gained energy till you drained out and trying to test your patience in unreasonable way.

And what is the point of all of this hardship when we can travel like we are going away to a grand vacation? Pack all the things we want and drive down the road while singing a happy song—a long smooth journey.
            What's the point?  sarcastically or what, there is none. traveling is not that easy. we can't go on a vacation everyday.  
          A mere fact to realize is that when problems stikes us, we have no choice but to keep moving--if you're mature enough, I guess... like when it rains, we don't stop driving our life, the journey must go on.
        Identifying the Ironic fact, when it eventually shine we can find rainbows in the sky afterwards. Think. Our pains and our happiness can make us a better and enhanced individual… success comes after tears and laughter reacts together. Just like Sunshine and rains can make a beautiful rainbow.

Fine!... And what is the distinction between the unfair life and the ironic life. What is unfair and what is the irony of it?

        Confusing reality can drive you crazy. No one knows the exact difference of it. people can perhaps tell you by words, but deep within—it confused them too... why is life unfair and why it does need to be ironic.

I guess, no one is obliged to know… but it is a necessity for us to be aware of it, it’s a fact… and we should surpass all this craziness… there is no reason for us to be ignorant—pains should not surprise us anymore—it is already a part of our life.

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