February 1, 2008

Biochemistry Day

my props:)
        Today is supposed to be our biochemistry day—to “cram” for the mind-numbing cycle of metabolism… those molecular pathways are driving me crazy! My imagination doesn’t work properly… I can’t picture out those molecules reacting to one another creating products of carbon skeleton and their R-groups entering one pathway or cycles in our cells. And what is the difference of organic phosphate and pyrophosphate once again? All I know is that one is Pi and the other is PPi— they are both phosphate.  So who the hell discovered how molecules are cleaved or transaminated to form new products? What a brain! I wished I also have the same number of functional neurons they have!

So biochem expert, I can hear you saying “dork!” I simply don’t understand and that’s it! I don’t need your violent reactions anyway; I am just being honest that those reactions are confusing me: is that for real?

And yeah, I already studied those stuffs in my Elementary Biochemistry class and I was even enrolled in Molecular and Cell Biology course—well, I got a grade of four in Cell Biology (freaking detailed reactions, I want a proof of their existence:-) and luckily satisfactory grade in Elementary Biohemistry! Still, I don’t understand the whole thing.

Well, this is science… yeah the one I love ever since. If only my memory is not failing me, I can surely do well. But it always does and it failed me a million times already!

And guess what I am doing before I write this blog item? I played Cake Mania and mystery case file… feeling guilty though. And last night I was with my friends drinking and having fun…

See, I am not even doing something to make myself improved a little bit. I got no spirit to study… there is something within me that is holding and pushing me to play games.

smiling timmy
All I understand is that when I play my mind sinks into nothingness. One kind of emptiness I wished to experience. I have nothing to think about—it is my way to run away from reality once again. Because my actions are revealing—there is something that upset me—something I don’t recognized yet.
Last night on my way home, I can’t help but to stare other passengers one by one. Each of them reminded me of the unfair life. Going into my life drama again!

Or perhaps I am just intoxicated; it is just a mere effect of the alcohol being absorbed by my system so quickly. So it is true that alcohol can be a depressant drug aside from being a stimulant. From my reading, it does depresses a person by closing some brain circuits, interferes chemical messages into the brain and ruin short term emotional gains…and want to hear of a molecular unfair reality? Women is said to produce less alcohol dehydrogenase (can reduce the amount of alcohol entering the body by approximately 20%) than men! That is why we become more intoxicated on less alcohol! Still, there is an issue of inequality here! Life is unfair even when it comes to molecular level.

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