August 23, 2010

Time Check

Six in the morning,
Picked up my phone to switch off the alarm...
Jumped off from bed thinking I’ll be late
I'm 10-minutes away from work by a tricycle
It’s Monday..I sighed a lot...
thanks heaven I had a cup of coffee—A good way to  start another week.

While I hurriedly walked down the street in 7:10 AM
I sent a group message saying
“Good morning! Cheers to those who are late”
9 of 47 recipients had replied.
I'm not sure of what to feel...
Good? because friends remained...
Guilty? for being a little loud...

At 7:20 I served three Japanese with cups of coffee and a tea...
I got bowing heads and mumbling,
their way to say "Thank you Cristy"
for I came early even my actual work starts at 8:00...
I don't know.

At 7: 25 I went downstairs greeting everyone I met along...
Sweet morning smiles.
Others just passed by me...
Perhaps there were really who walk with bowed heads!
They needed that to watch their steps carefully, aye!

DJ's time checked was 7:27
I was in the lobby listening to my favorite radio station
Put in the earphone, maximized the volume and close my eyes till 8:45
I heard nothing but music,
I felt nothing but myself smiling...
My composure remained...

 9:30 A.M. at my desk
I was tempted to turn on the radio again
I was bored.
I had filed every pending document…
Follow-up calls to all service providers…
Complained to a telecommunication office…
Ordered jobs to repair the broken facilities…
Photocopied forms of all kinds for the employees…
I hated sitting, spinning my chair.

Coffee break at 10:00
Prepared cups of coffee once more
I served silently... wore a smile...
No more bowing heads, no more mumbling
At that early, I felt how exhausted everyone was

At 10:05 I was inside the ladies room
Washed my face…
Sprayed perfume on my neck and rubbed some on my wrist…
Applied lip gloss and facial powder to finalize it all …

I told the woman standing in front of me
 “Please, be strong”
I saw her eyes full of emptiness but she smiled back
I guessed my words made her cry inside
I touched another heart

10:15 the bell rang for the second break
Went back to my desk
It was the peak time for all telephone calls
I kept myself busy entertaining…
Taking and relaying message…
Transferring phone calls from one department to another

Lights still off at 12:45 PM
Everyone’s lurched on their desk for a nap
I was, on the other hand listening to the music on radio
I closed my eyes and felt it
Every melody sinks in me
And then phone rang by the time I almost drowned to nothingness

I turned on the light at exactly 12:50
Everyone’s back to work
Turned off the radio, put it under my desk in exchange of my cap
I went downstairs to visit the timekeeper officer
I brought with me the over time request sheet filed by every employer
Went back to my desk…
 Stamped to receive the requests
Sort by departments
Filed to folders according to effectivity dates
I was done in 30 minutes or so

At 1:00 PM I was roving to check the company’s premises
I walked under the heat of the sun
A cloudy day it was
Clouds resembles a baby playing an airplane
In one moment it became an angry dragon
I walked and sighed
I thought how fast things can change
Again I look up into the sky
It was gone
Again I thought some things are too good to stay

At 1: 25
25 minutes I was sitting at the canteen’s long table
A proctor, I was, for pre-employment examination
I traveled back in time instead of watching over
For 25 minutes I was the person weakened by shame
A coward who walked away from humiliation
Left with crooked principles
Standing in a shaky ground

Filed… Sorted… Stamped receive.... filed
Messages relayed, some were sent
Compilations completed
The bell rang at exactly 5:00 pm
Another day at the office has ended

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