May 16, 2010

Success is relative

 I saw this statement printed on the shirt of an acquaintance friend. It is an eye-catching statement perhaps because I myself am a great believer of it.

I always had an argument with a friend or for the worst with someone who is different—which can make a discussion even harder to handle—whether to quit a profession, to settle down instead of finishing college for a degree, to end a relationship, to change plans in the midst of accomplishments among others is the most impractical decision one can ever made. I believe it is not always the case. That makes success a relative one. Everyone can become successful in their own ways. There are things that can make other people happy, but that very same thing can also be a reason for the depression of others. We can never tell and we can never judge unless a person declares he feels happy and contented about his life.

I know a person whose great want in life is to raise good kids and build a happy family. Her choice of quitting school is ridiculous. For some people she was considered a failure and a disappointment to her family. But she had never live her life like how others did.  Instead, she lived to her dream and showed the world how successful she been for having a simple yet happy and contented family.
True to that, you can never assume if a person had failed or had succeeded. To carry a suitcase, to wear corporate attire, to live in a mansion, to afford signatured stuffs, live in luxuries, to travel millions of miles, to shimmer with jewelleries, to attend to a most prestigious school, to work with influential people can never tell a person if he is successful. On contrary, to wear old rugged jeans, to buy imitation items, to stay for so long in a rural area, to work in a field, stay late to work harder to earn a living, to quit school, to marry young is not enough to tell a person had failed.

I'm not good at this, but I always believe that as long as you set goals and had met them and is trying to meet the rest, you are doing good.

Each and every one of us is a unique creation. My hope is that every one of us can appreciate the beauty of individuality. 

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